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RS90 - 1105B/AfroMini/XSR
Hi All

Not much action in the brushless micro section so thought I'd upload my RS90 - it's a lovely size but struggling with finding efficient props that fit...

The frame weight is 85g, getting about 3.5 minutes on a 2s 450mAh NanoTech - AUW is 110g...

Just waiting on some 3s 450mAh NanoTechs to arrive!

You May have a look on tris from furiousfpv. 2.4 - 2 - and 1.8 inch versions avail as far as i know
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Really cool. I love the long body style and the color of the print.
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What esc's did you use to fit in there?
(30-Oct-2016, 04:15 PM)Getbarreled Wrote: What esc's did you use to fit in there?

They're XM10's.

Thanks for the prop pointers Clemens, will try to find some in the UK!

Finally received the 3S 450mAh Nano-Tech"s and it's transformed the RS90, hovers @ 50% throttle and has great punch. Makes the motors warm to the touch, but the battery comes down cooler than the 2S.

Runs for 3:30 minutes like the 2S...
Based in Germany https://www.flyingmachines.de/FuriousFPV_2 but ordering direct on furiusfpv.com also Is ok when spend more than 100$ to get free shipping. Was on my door (Germany) within a week. Customs are handled Byte ups and paid on the door Smile
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Eventually found gofpv.co.uk who was able to get the FuriousFPV props in so all sorted on the spinny bits!

However I have rebuilt the RS-90 with Racerstar 10000kv 1103 motors from Banggood and swapped out the FrSky XSR for a FuriousFPV Micro Rx.

Unfortunately, i seem to have burned off the buzzer port on the Afromini, but it's flying much better on Betaflight 3.1.5 and the original Hubsan tri-blade props - hovers at 50% with a 300mAh Nanotech 2S!

AUW is now 63g with the CF bottom plate and I'm pretty happy with that! Also flies (takes off at 100% throttle!!) with a 1S 750mAh Nanotech...

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Looks sweet!
I just rebuilt mine, the frame was broken and the afromini was giving me problems, so I used the piko clone, but am soooo happy with it now, finally learned how to tune the pids with the stinger video, and is so very much better than before. I have the dp03 motors, but am planning on putting the racerstar 8000, I have them on my XBL and I think they are a lot more efficient, I have to finish 2 other projects first before thinking of changing the motors.
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Cheers for the comments - need to get this tuned too...

Out in the sun this afternoon - only lost a battery with this one!

And at least I 'landed' this one.

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