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Revolt not connecting to computer
I was trying to test out the using Betaflight 3.1 on my Raceflight Revolt.

I attempted to flash it but putting it into DFU mode then using the Betaflight chrome app to flash Betaflight 3.1 to my flight controller however it was in erasing for an extraodinarly long time so I decided to pull the usb and when I connect to the flight controller my PC does not seem to be able to connect to the flight controller.

It now has a green LED lit up solid and nothing else.

I have tried  power cycling the flight controller, restarting the computer trying and a different computer but it does not seem to change a thing.

I need help getting this back to a state in which it works again.

Thank You.
Better ask RaceFlight support, they brag about how awesome their support is, let's see Smile

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