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Releasing IntoFPV LiPo Straps!
are they much thicker than the old straps? My martian III frames have had a tough time getting the strap through everything without taking off the bottom plate. It's not a deal breaker in any way but if they're thicker then I'll probably have to start taking that plate off to change out straps... who knows though... if these are as tough as they look maybe I'll only have to change it one more time Wink
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Finally, the straps are here!!
You get all 3 different straps in the same order, so you can pick your favourite to use Smile
Cost has gone up a fair bit with the variety and complex design, but I try to keep the price the same as before.

Order here: https://oscarliang.com/intofpv-lipo-battery-straps/

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I've been waiting for these!! Ordered. Thanks Oscar!!

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Can't wait for the Kevlar with metal strap. Hopefully I don't have to buy another strap again.
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