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Recommended settings for Runcam Owl Plus
Hi guys,
Wondering if someone can shed some light on recommended settings for Runcam owl plus. I struggle trying to configure between daytime when there is sunlight vs daytime when there is no sunlight. My issue is when I am looking upwards with the sky as the background, I can barely see trees, trees are blackened like shadows. It is fine when I am up in the air looking downwards then colour is vivid. I've switched of DWR as I think it makes it worse. 

Tried to attach a DVR file but couldnt attach AVI or MPEG files. So attached some snapshots instead.

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I don't think there is a perfect settings for the owl plus that works at both day and night... after all it's a night time camera...
Maybe this would help. http://intofpv.com/t-runcam-owl-plus-daytime-settings
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Noticed this too in my first flights using the owl plus. In the end i just upped brightness in the goggle. Smile
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