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Realacc X210 Pro Frame Review
This is the Realacc X210 Pro sent to me by Banggood for a review and I must say I had some high expectations with this frame, as it is the "pro" version of the X210. There has been some nice modifications to the standard X210 frame as better carbon fiber, added LEDs in the back and a different design on the camera/gopro mount. First impression was that the carbon fiber was better quality than the previous frame, and also the woven fiber fabric is rotated 45degrees, so half of the fibers are now facing in the arm directions. This will result in added strenght and stiffness. The VTX can also be mounted both vertical through the hole in the top plate, or horizontal, sticking out the back.

Here is a link to the frame:

Frame Overview:

This is what comes in the package:
  • 4mm unibody main plate
  • 2mm top plate
  • 2 x 1.5mm camera sidewalls and adjustable gopro mount
  • Battery protection plate
  • Rubberized battery strap
  • Matek PDB 5V/2A and 12V/0,5A
  • 5V LEDs with dipswitches
  • Standoffs and Hardware

The LEDs in the back is a nice upgrade from the stadard X210

Assemble the frame:
The Assembly was actually a bit different than the previous X210, and that is mostly because the camera plates and gopro mount has been redesigned. There where some issues with the frame I got where parts didn't fit very well, and I was expecting more of this frame as it is the "Pro" version. The standard version had none off these issues.

There are more than enough screws and they are standard steel screws and comes in two lenghts 7.5mm and 6mm. The previous X210 frame screws were just a bit too short.

The Gopro camera plate did not fit in the hole without doing some filing on the edges. The two small pieces sticking out on each side also needs to be removed, otherwise the plate is too wide to fit. Since I didn't have a file available right now, I will continue without mounting this piece.




Another issue I came across was that the camera "pod" was a bit too narrow for the top plate. This will leave a gap of about 1mm on each side of the plates. I guess this has to due with bad quality control and I hope this will be fixed on later versions. Since the hole is 1mm to wide on each side, the top plate is also a bit thin right in front of the ziptie holes. I guess this will be a weak spot that could easily break in a crash. An interesting thing to mention is that on the pictures of this frame on Banggood, it looks like the camera pod has a much better fit.



A really nice detail is that the Gopro camera mount is adjustable, with the ability to choose anything from 30 to 45 degrees.
The strap for the gopro camera has also a much better fit this time, as I found it a bit tight for the strap on the old frame between the camera and the top plate.

The LEDs in the back runs on 5V and it looks like you can choose the colors on dipswitches. I haven't tested it yet, so I don't know which colors you can choose.

One thing to keep in mind with this frame is that the FC/PDB stack cant be higher than 17.5mm due to the new camera mount design. I'm not sure what camera this mount is made for as the Runcam swift, Foxeer HS1177, Foxeer Night Wolf has different adjustment screws than what will work on this frame. But if you are using just the one screw on the camera house, it shouldn't be any problem.


The weight of the frame is 94grams. With PDB, battery protection and battery strap, we are looking at 114grams. Just the battery protection plate is 8grams.

The old 3mm X210 frame with the carbon fiber wove direction compared to the new 4mm X210 Pro with the wove direction at 45 degrees so the fibres will go along the arms. I guess this will result in better stiffness and rigidity. The fiber direction could be a reason why we have seen so many old X210 frames with delamination problems on the arms. Mine has actually held up pretty good and only has some minor scars on the tip of the arms.

Obviously, the old X210 3mm is much more flexible than the new 4mm pro frame. It felt like I was applying about the same amount of force on both frames and as you can see, the Pro frame doesn't bend nearly as much as the old frame. 

Final thoughts:
I really like the new design aspects of this frame with the new adjustable gopro camera mount and Dedicated LEDs in the back. It is also good that they have changed the direction of the carbon fiber so we can expect a tougher frame, but I must say I was a bit dissapointed the parts didn't fit very well. The gopro camera plate didn't fit the camera pod without modifications and the camera pod didn't fit very well on the top plate. I would have expected more from a "pro" version  as the regular version didn't have any build issues.

  • 4mm stiff main plate with new fiber direction.
  • Lots of extra bolts with two different lenghts.
  • A battery protection plate which is a bit bigger than on the previous X210.
  • Plenty of ziptie holes for mounting your gear.
  • LEDs with custom colors.
  • 30-45 degree adjustable gopro mount.
  • Multiple ways to mount the VTX to the top plate.
  • Comes with a PDB.
  • The small camera plate doesen't fit without modifications.
  • The top plate hole for the camera pod is too wide.
  • The top plate looks weak due to the hole being too wide.
  • The camera pod mounting holes doesn't look like they are designed for the Runcam or Foxeer style cameras, but as mentioned earlier, it's no problem as long as you are just using the two screws in the camera housing.
  • I would like to see countersunk holes and screws on the main plate so the battery doesn't get damaged by the screw head sticking out right now. I have done this on my 3mm X210 and will probably do the same on this frame as well.
  • Make the top plate hole smaller to better fit the camera pod width.

I haven't decided what parts to put on this frame yet, but I will update this review with a build log when that time comes.
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A quick update. I did some measurements and as you can see from the pictures, it is not a real X, but a tiny bit streched X. It is only 4.5mm longer so I guess I will not be able to tell on the flying caracteristic.

The length between the motors are 151.5mm, while the widht is 147mm
Thanks for the review oyvinla.

Can you please post the dimensions of the standoffs and the screws?

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Sure, here they are:

4pcs of M3x6mm bolts
12pcs of M3x8mm bolts
4pcs of M3x35mm standoffs between the bottom and top plate
2pcs of M3x29mm standoffs between the camera plates
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(01-09-2017, 08:41 PM)oyvinla Wrote: Sure, here they are:

4pcs of M3x6mm bolts
12pcs of M3x8mm bolts
4pcs of M3x35mm standoffs between the bottom and top plate
2pcs of M3x29mm standoffs between the camera plates

Awesome, thank you very much!

The shorter screws are for the PDB right?

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