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Read Me First - General Forum Rules
Thanks for joining intoFPV.com. Smile  
We are here to share the joy of flying and building multicopters, ask questions and help others. We are hoping to build a friendly community of like minded people with a wealth of knowledge and experience that are willing to share that knowledge and experience with each other, and help new comers in to this amazing hobby.

Rules for Members

  1. Be respectful. We are all here to work together to help push this hobby in a positive direction. There is a zero tolerance policy towards anyone being rude, offensive, or verbally abusive towards other members. You will be banned without a warning. We are a family, plain and simple
  2. Any abusive comment between members might be removed
  3. There is a Live Chat app on the front page, however please post your questions in the correct forum section instead of in the Chat. The Live Chat is for quick social conversation and saying hello, you might not get the replies for complicated problems you had hoped for, and thus go away with a negative feeling for the forum overall
  4. No swearing or bad language

Rules for Traders

Traders are welcome at IntoFPV, where they can advertise their products and services and provide product support and information. 

  1. We only ask that they post any adverts in the dedicated sales and promotion section, so that advertising and general discussion are kept separate on the forums
  2. Please don't spam other section of the forum with adverts. If you do this you will make yourself very unpopular with our members and your customers. Your account will be banned
  3. We won't remove negative feedback so advertise at your own risk
  4. Any traders that would like their own forum section at IntoFPV please feel free to PM Oscar

I just joined, how to Start?

Read the above rules, and also these posts:
Now you are ready to explore the forum and join the party :-)

Need Help?

If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to PM a moderator (BigglesFPV, Oscar).
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