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Rage 210RS - build log
(12-23-2016, 09:44 AM)oyvinla Wrote: If you want it sharper on the roll, you could try to increase roll P. If you experience more propwash, try increasing roll D as well. Your D's on roll and pitch are not high at all from my experience. I'm usually up in the 30s on the D. Just pay attention to hot motors when increasing D, but it shouldn't be any problems. Have you soft mounted the fc? I noticed that you can increase p and d a bit more with soft mounted fcs before experiencing oscillations. I Hope this helps Smile

Thx for the hints. Yes it is softmounted, and yes i could up the P's on roll/pitch quite a bit BUT on rough stick moves it does everything i want, without a problem. It's only in 'slow' moves, turns, where it falls to the outside mostly, not really locked-in. It's even visible in the video, you see me often correcting roll towards inside of turns.
And propwash is the only issue i don't have here. Smile I'll try to force it into it next time, but in my normal moves it just doesn't happen.
A little montage from 2016. Happy new year everyone, and thanks to all who made this possible. High Five Big Grin Thumbs Up


Almost 50 flights but stilll not sure about PID... but i'm getting there, eventually.

This was flight #48 - sometimes i just wanna fly and not tinker with stuff... Wink

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But after today, flying 2 packs, right now i CBA anymore with betaflight... Was finally able to catch in the logs what was driving me nuts until now: Iterm is causing (what feels like random) drifts:

Will see if any of the devs can say something about it, but tbh, i think it's time to reinstate my KissFC quads.


FINALLY it works! Increasing dterm transition setpoint fixed all the issues it had, it's almost perfect now!
FINALLY having fun, feeling confident on the sticks, having a rush again so much i start trembling... Big Grin
Any quirks you see are my fingers getting shaky. Only did one rage flight, rest of the packs for the dbug.

Watch only if you have time. Don't be mistaken by the sad music, was a really really really good day. Heart

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you need to soft mount the fingers LOL Big Grin
Nice flight mate, looking really smooth! I might need to borrow some of that sun shine! It's miserable here!
Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
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