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Rage 210RS - build log
Good work and the quad flies really locked in Smile
what camera are you using?
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(16-Oct-2016, 10:54 PM)Oscar Wrote: Good work and the quad flies really locked Smile
what camera are you using?

It was a bit loose on roll, the rest felt really good, yes. Only i wasn't used to the slightly higher rates Smile

FPV cam is an owl plus... one from banggood, could it be a fake? I had a hard time seeing against the sun.
Friend ran the same and he didn't have any problems. Default settings on both.

HD is the old mobius v3 with ancient firmware 0.44. But have a runcam 2 too, and might get the new mobius...

EDIT: Didn't even think of making a log etc. Will get to that later. Motors stayed pretty much cool though, anyway.

Decided to upload 2nd flight too. Even though same lush PID, it already got me pretty excited! Big Grin
Excited as in, if the battery lasted longer, i'm pretty sure i would have crashed lol, as i really didn't see much.

Didn't feel like the F40 suffer much, a bit maybe in hard throttle pulses from zero. Still, normal hq5045 next time:

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Propeller decision

Yesterday i changed from the bullnose props to normal hq5045 and oh boy - way better response & rpm!
Tried to record my backyard throttle pulse/punchout tests but the camera died, not saving anything.
Then went to fly with friends, but still didn't see much on the owl plus - all ground blacked out basically.

The video is not worth watching, it's just to hear difference in motors despite the terrible distortion.
Sad because the spot is awesome & we can rarely fly there. Missed opportunity makes rage angry... Wink


Adjusting filters - part 1:

Today i did a bit of trial and error on filtering (i.e. adjusting filters - testing LOS - checking logs - repeat).
There were two distinctive peaks of motor/prop noise, one at ~130Hz, the other at ~320Hz.
The dterm notch filter basically only counters the symptoms of the gyro noise from the roll axis:

I left it at that, knowing that i'll flash betaflight 3.0.1 tomorrow which offers 2 separate notch filters for gyro.
Just didn't have more time as i went to fly with a friend. Had even looser PID than last time but still felt great.
Runcam 2 this time, as i forgot to charge the mobius. Warning, it's LOUD as it is a raw upload.

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Adjusting filters - part 2:

Today i updated from betaflight 3.0.0 to 3.0.1 only to take advantage of the 2nd gyro notch filter.
This is what i ended up with. Notice, on 3.0.0 i changed gyro lowpass behaviour to "high" (biquad).
On 3.0.1, with 2nd gyro notch & default dterm notch, this wasn't necessary, motors stayed cold.
BTW again i'm using AndWho's version with the beeper-hack included, as it's still not in official betaflight.

Notice this graph is fully zoomed in. Going to fly now... Big Grin  (edit) ... still loose PID but having a blast: Cool

Bit later i had a failsafe crash. Nothing to worry, just dirt to wipe off, but will repostition the rx antennas.

crash pic next time... it left a nice crater lol
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Fast forward failsafe

It left a nice impact crater. The runcam was stuck in so violently, i had to pull real hard to get it out lol.

No damage though except 2 props, and 1 leaf of the aomway broke so i soldered that back together.

To hopefully avoid rx issues in the future i now put antennas 1 high 1 low, like i had on most other quads:


Testing PID session 1

This time no problems with the runcam owl plus itself, after upping brightness a bit in my fatshark goggle.
But friend and i both had video noise which made it hard to fly. I'm also having a cold which feels like brain lag.

But still enjoyed it. Cool First part of video is a bit bumpy, attached PID of 2nd part where it's mostly fine.
Only yaw might get a bit difficult with these light motors/props. I'll keep testing by adjusting in small increments.



Testing PID session 2

On sunday i felt bad... having a terrible cold, every muscle and bone hurt. Even my thumbs felt stiff lol, so i only did 2 packs.
It still has small quirks, but i start to think it's my best quad so far. After that, was good just watching my friends buzz around.

Unsure wether it's weak yaw, low p-term, high i-term, high d-term transition setpoint, a combination of these - or just me. Smile


...video in 17:9 aspect ratio Smile
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Forget the numbers

Made a bit of compromise of what i tried so far because my assumptions from last post were probably wrong.
Yaw wasn't too weak, i just forgot i had it set wrong in my transmitter (a bit of negative expo, but not enough).
Then just gave it 5 packs not changing anything. Last pack i logged to verify it wasn't my fingers. Wink
Video is nothing special, cruising, shooting over trees, and a last move i hadn't done before to end the day.
Pretty sure now yaw P is already a bit high, but roll/pitch could be stronger (there's slow bumps sometimes).

Notice: sticks & video timing is a bit off at start and end due to 60fps vs 59.94fps. Can't do better with VSDC.

Funny side story: just before that last flight, two cops came to look after us - somebody called them.
But they were really friendly, found we were no harm to people, animals or environment and decided to let us carry on.


Should have filmed them, and asked for a written permit lol. While, tbh, we were lucky they had no clue... Wink
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Odyssey for yaw

Yaw was ... bad. I didn't notice it when i initially set it up using the heavier bullnose props.
With the lighter props, the i-term bounceback on yaw stops was terrible. A bit frustrating.

After some extensive backyard LOS testing i ended up with something like this:

Not optimal but bounceback got small and short. If i could change time-scale for I... such high P doesn't feel safe.
I think there's a lot of potential in using i-term for yaw, but most people over at rcg wouldn't listen. Wink
  • very high yaw P (90)
  • very very high yaw I (135) (learned from Boris: "Increase I gain = faster I change")
  • almost full i-term support (yaw_accum_threshold=670)
  • slightly lowered acceleration limit (yaw_rate_accel_limit=180)
Special thanks to ctzsnooze in this place, he helped me many times before, his hints made me have another go at this.

Now i'm only fighting roll it seems. Right after start on fresh battery it's fine, but then quickly gets weaker.
Also video interference in combination with the difficult lighting made flight a bit sketchier than necessary. Wink


You have a lot of caps. You can just get away with 1 good quality low esr cap on the power source. I use these:

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(09-Dec-2016, 09:43 PM)trojanGoat Wrote: You have a lot of caps.  You can just get away with 1 good quality low esr cap on the power source.  I use these:  


Yeah i could probably fly some seconds on charged caps alone lol ... Wink

Idk, just wanted to make it kind of bullet-proof in case i'd ever try 5s, or 3D on this bird.
BTW i think it's also due to the caps overkill that this is the quad with the least little bit of propwash i had so far.

New spot & foggy goggles

Only did 1 and a half pack yesterday, not enough to warm up, but enough to cool the goggles and get condensating.
First time at this spot. Jumping between those poles is scarier than i thought. More pole-dancing in the future. Wink

Quad is still a bit loose on roll, i think it needs a bump in i-term. Yaw is finally good, pretty happy about that.


If you want it sharper on the roll, you could try to increase roll P. If you experience more propwash, try increasing roll D as well. Your D's on roll and pitch are not high at all from my experience. I'm usually up in the 30s on the D. Just pay attention to hot motors when increasing D, but it shouldn't be any problems. Have you soft mounted the fc? I noticed that you can increase p and d a bit more with soft mounted fcs before experiencing oscillations. I Hope this helps Smile
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