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QX100 plus FlySky RX?
(01-11-2017, 06:08 PM)CesiumSalami Wrote: OH gawd - definitely get something before that stuff comes in.
I started with 220 sized quads ... it wasn't a smart move. But then again. I don't have a lot of restraint.
ultimately ended up dialing back to brushed builds. still managed to draw blood with those Smile

Oh, I know it now!
The first of the X220's came in last night (one of the roomies). We're having lots of fun, but something ain't right. Maybe someone can tell me why (totally off topic for the OP).

We're using those Turnigy Evolution controllers and something we noticed after binding RX was that the center value for the gimbals is 1520 instead of 1500. In CleanFlight, you see this number under receiver config, but it didn't mean anything to us as we didn't know 1500 was the default center position. Opened in BetaFlight, which shows you a preview of what the quad is being controlled to do, and of course it's constantly rolling on all 3 axis with all controls centered. Mouse (roomie) tried compensating by trimming at the TX and we took it out for a test flight. My other roomie and I had a bet on how long till Mouse crashed. He said 3 minutes outside, 30 seconds indoors. I said 2:59 and 29s. I won 20 props! Mouse crashed in under 1 second outside.

BUT, we figured that was because the RC center was 1500 but the gimbals were 1520, so we set the RC center value to 1520, but in BF, it still shows the quad rolling on all 3 axis. I figured maybe BF's preview just didn't account for the RC center value and we decided (cause everything LOOKS right) to try it again. Same deal. He put it in Angle mode, lift off, hovered for a few seconds just fine, then he tried to do a quick punch and it rolled straight hard left and into the ground again. Seems no matter what he does, if he's in any leveling mode, it wants to bank hard left and pitch back. Read LOTS about this sorta thing happening but all the posts are from 2014 and 2015, and no consistent way to resolve it. He hasn't tried in acro, but I strongly suspect acro will respond correctly.

But, we don't know if he broke the stock settings. He opened it in clean flight and we noticed that some settings simply refused to apply (like setting serial RX/SBUS wouldn't save, so we opened it in BF and it saved fine). We also can't seem to get into bootload mode to reflash firmware. Short out the pins, FC powers up and light stays solid as it's supposed to. Can't connect to the FC with BF or CF, so I assume it's in bootload, but I don't see any STM32 dev pop up and flashing of course fails. Not sure if something is not right on his FC, or if we're just missing something obvious?

That said, I work for an engineering company who deal in exactly the same chips found in the FC. STM32 is standard gear for us and we play with Microchip/SiLabs stuff all day, so I find it very odd that I'm having zero luck flashing firmware. Thoughts on the level mode crash/burn as well as the flashing firmware issue?

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