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Quadcopter build motor spinning like 1/2 rotation per seconds. Help!
I built a quadcopter last year around august and it went offline till today. I have literally forgot almost everything concerning quads and trying to catch up.
My problem is that when i turn the quad on and did a calibration with the transmitter, then pushing the throttle up after the third motor is spinning like 1/2 a rotation per seconds then back going to its original location. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Here's the specs: (all purchases were from ebay)
Transmitter:  Fly Sky FS-T6
Receiver: Fly Sky FS-R6B
Motors: No Name written on it just: A2212-KV1000 4 like these 
ESCs: Hobby Fans ESC-30A
Flight Controller: Nothing written on it  but the got some info that might be useful: HW ver: 2.1.X
                                                                                                                               FW ver: 1.19S1 Pro
Batter: Black Magic 25C-3000mAh
Your controller is a KK2.1.(5 probably). Aaron on this forum has some experience. I have one, but I've also forgotten all I knew about it Big Grin . I'm guessing your quad is a 450 (or larger) size. Not clear on the motor behavior - got a short video or something? (Might be a crappy solder joint on motor to esc.)

If the motors have plugs, easy to swap motors around and see if the behavior follows the motor or stays on the same arm. (Check rotation direction if you do that.)
If just 1 motor is behaving weirdly, it's likely to be the ESC/motor having cold solder joints, or motor screws are too long touching motor wilding.
Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
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will try to re-solder the joints and give a feedback
Yes it is 450
Edit: i don't think its a screw holding the inside of the motore cause i was flying fine last year.
I will disassemble everything and re assemble it since it is messy and ugly build.

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