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QAV-XS Build Log and Review
The new QAV-XS is Lumenier's new stretched X frame. The frame measures 180mm from the center of the front motors to the center of the back motors, and about 137mm across from the center of the front and rear motors. The frame is 4mm thick with chamfered edges which gives it a very nice super clean look. The top plate is 2mm thick, which also has chamfered edges. It is a mono frame so the arms and main part of the frame is one piece. But the carbon feels really stiff and durable so it's  safe to say that if you break an arm on this frame most likely you're going to have to replace more than just the frame.

So for this build, I want something that's going to be aggressive in the turns, with a lot of torque, but with just enough top end speed to really scream in straight aways. But yet still smooth as butter. So my build list is,
KISS 24A-RE ESCs (which came from the factory already flashed with 1.08 which means they should be dshot ready).
Tiger F60 Pro - 2500KV Motors
Immersion Tramp VTX
RunCam Swift RR Edition
FrSky XSR Reciever 

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Nice. Wonder what props you will end up with. F60 do pack some punch! Cool
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You guys be the judge.

i will post my final thoughts after the rain stops and i get to tune and really fly this baby.
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