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Q: Nuke v AcroWhoop for 7mm and 8.5mm motors
I want to 3D Print a frame for 7mm or 8.5mm motors - similar to the one Oscar designed.


Is there a reason to use the AcroWhoop vs the Nuke (forgetting the integrated RX on the acroWhoop, i have the FuriousFPV micro receiver in hand so the nuke can have a SBUS rx in seconds).  Which is the right FC for a brushed 7mm or 8.5mm build?

I cant really discern the difference between the two, outside of the integrated RX.

The main difference between Acrowhoop and Nuke is the dimension and integrated RX, hardware wise they are nearly identical:

I would probably go for the Nuke because on the Acrowhoop, there are motor connectors and not soldering pads, making motor installation a bit harder for 8.5mm motors (as they normally come without connectors). Being smaller makes it more flexible when it comes to mounting in the frames (and easier frame design if you are doing it from scratch)
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