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Popular ESC for mini quad 2016
Wondering what ESC other pilots are using? Here is a list of the ESC ranked by number of votes popular ESC, that they are running, or they want to get them.

Looks like BLHeli_S ESCs and Kiss are taking the lead in 2016 Smile
Especially the announcement of D-Shot support, they will only get more popular.
F39X BLHeli ESC's are fading out, XM and Littlebee Pro are still being used by quite a large group of people because of their good reliability.  

Original poll can be found here in FB MI Group.

  1. RacerStar RS Series
  2. KISS 24A
  3. DYS XS Series
  4. DYS XM Series
  5. Aikon SEFM 20/30A
  6. Littblebee BLHeli_S
  7. X-Rotor 20A
  8. Cicada
  9. TBS 25 amp BlHeliS
  11. Littlebee Pro
  12. Emax lightning 30A multishot
  13. TBS PowerCube
  14. RacerStar 20A 4in1
  15. Gemfan Maverick
  16. UBAD Angry Beast
  17. XRotor 30A Mini
  18. Rotorgeeks 20A+
  19. hobbywing skywalker
  20. Turnigy plush 6a
  21. V-Good FireFly
  22. KISS 30A
  23. ZTW Flash
  24. Flycolor Raptor
  25. KISS 18A

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Don't be a LOS'er, be a FPV'er :) -- My Fleet
Aikon SEFM FTW! They're sooooo tiny

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