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(30-Jan-2017, 05:27 AM)Tom BD Bad Wrote: Congrats Gryffin, well done, I'll beat you next time..! Thanks to Jimmy for the competition prize and taking the time to judge. Commiserations to everyone else, unlucky guys.

Quite pleased with my score really, pretty sure that question 1 was a trick question though, both my quads are capable of taking off and neither have any ESC's..!

Lmao didnt think of that! But i dont think our toy quads count tom haha. I messed up #2. Searched oldest thread lol and then realized a day or two after i submited that i had a couple more wrong Doh but it really helped me learn a few things and realise what/where my confusions were.
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thanks fellas. i'm glad you guys enjoyed the contest. the goal of this forum is to help people learn. and i always found that learning seems to be better when it's fun. i'm currently talking to some local vendors about sponsorship (since i'm such an awesome pilot)  ROFL . just kidding, it's about local races i help set up. but if things work out maybe i'll be able to get more stuff to give away.
Congrats Griffin......nicely done!
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