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OK everyone, I hope you have your thinking caps on. Next month will be a year since I got started in this great hobby. And I have recently been informed that INTOFPV.COM will be turning 1 also. This forum has helped me improve and learn so much. So I got together with the moderators of the forum and came up with this contest to help me give away a 3" starter kit. It is part of a 3" quad that I hardly used, less than an hour of flight time, and I'm no longer in need of. 

It has:
Diatone ET Frame
Piko BLX Flight Controller with a custom TPU Mount
4 EMAX RS1306 Red Bottom Motors

And as the title of the post says this contest will consist of a short quiz. of 12 multiple choice questions. One for every month INTOFPV has been online. (Thank You Oscar for helping me come up with the questions).

Rules of the contest are:
Member must have a minimum of 20 post
Only 1 entry per member
Entry must be in by January 28th before 12 Midnight Pacific Standard Time (I will be going off the time stamp of the PM, so the best bet would be to get your answers in before the 28th.)

In the event of a tie there will be a tie breaker question which will be posted on 29th for all the qualified members.

Please send your answers to me in a Private Message. I will post the answers, along with everyone's totals on the 29th.

Before I post the questions. Here's a little hint: correct answers can be found by searching the forum.

And please send me your answers in this format:

1. a
2. b
3. c
4. d

It will help make it easier for me to check your answers. Thank you and Good Luck

1. What is NOT necessary to a quadcopter that is capable of taking off?

a. motor
b. VTX
c. FC
d. ESC


2. If your quad flips over at take off, what do you check first?

a. battery polarity
b. if FPV camera is working correctly
c. if propellers CW / CCW are isntalled correctly on the motors
d. check FC looptime


3. When did IntoFPV forum go live in 2016?

a. 1st Feb 
b. 2nd Feb
c. 3rd Feb
d. 4th Feb


4. What is the difference between LHCP and RHCP Circular Polarized Antenna

a. different colour
b. designed for different frequency
c. antenna lobes turning different direction
d. different antenna length


5. What is NOT likely to cause decrease in LiPo battery performance?

a. parallel charge batteries
b. over-discharged them
c. over-heat
d. physical damage


6. What's the reason some people disable ACC on their FC?

a. increase processor speed
b. reduce vibration in Gyro
c. free up processing power
d. allows you to fly in rate mode


7. Regarding to a motor of different KV, what is NOT true...

a. higher KV runs smoother
b. higher KV motor can draw more current on the same props
c. higher KV motor would tend to spin faster
d. higher KV motor pulls more thrust 


8. What's the difference between mode 1 and mode 2 transmitters

a. roll stick location
b. number of auxilary switches
c. yaw stick location
d. throttle stick location


9. What happens if current draw exceeds the current rating on a current sensor?

a. the measured current is capped at the rated current
b. current sensor stops conducting current when current is over the limit, but works again when current drops back down
c. it damages the LiPo battery
d. current sensor might blow


10. If you are getting too much noise in your flight controller gyro you can...

a) soft mount your flight controller
b) try a different brand battery
c) switch to an esc with lower amperage
d) ask other pilots around you to talk quietly while you are flying


11. If you are unable to arm your quad...

a) your escs are not cummunicating correctly with your flight controller
b) your vtx and goggles are on different channels
c) your flight controller's cpu maybe over clocked/processed
d) your quad is not perfectly level


12. Running DShot600 will require...

a) that you disable everything because it takes up a lot of cpu usage
b) a complete KISS set up with KISS 24A ESCs
c) BLHeli ESCs
d) a removal of a small capicitor on some ESCs

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Great idea for a contest! And a very nice prize - thanks Jimmy!
Thanks Jimmy Smile I hope the contest runs smoothly, I have tried my best to select the easiest questions lol Big Grin hope that helps
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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Nice One Jimmy, PM sent
Awesome contest Jimmy! I sent my answers along! Good luck to everybody! Big Grin