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Playing games? [discussion & videos]
Hey fellow gamers

Thought i'd make a general thread for games here, to take our mind off our so serious hobby Wink
Might post some videos from time to time, as there's some youtubers so good at storytelling it's a joy to watch.

Myself i'm a long-term video gamer who started with nintendo game&watch thingies, who remembers those?
Then came consoles: NES, SNES, N64, playstation 1 to 4, and also PC every now and then and in between.
Though i never played online multiplayer games - until MGO2 (online part of Metal Gear Solid IV) which caught me hard.
It was awesome. Still is, some nerds made it playable again after official servers got shut down, but it requires a modded PS3. 

At that time Battlefield 3 came out - and i have to be honest - i started flying RC helis & quads because of Battlefield 3. Big Grin
For those who don't know the game, it's a real big playground with lots of toys to fool around. Funny summary here:

Not playing it anymore since my 2nd ps3 died, and didn't bother to buy another one just for this game.
On PS4 so far i haven't played too much. Most games not even worth mentioning. Dirt Rally is good.

What games do you play? What's your favorites, what's the must-have-seen games?
Yesterday I randomly stumbled upon a vid where the poster compared bf2 and bf4 heli physics. I thought that was like comparing flying in angle and rate modes. Interestingly, he stated that rate was more pleasant Smile

Find me on Youtube and Instagram. I currently fly: NOX5, NOX5RAirblade Assault 130 and drive a scrap RC car
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That's a good summary! Personally i haven't played BF2 at all, and BF4 really not much (aim assist on consoles killed it for me).

But before my friend did his first FPV flight, i let him fly the helis in BF4. He was like "but it's not gonna be that hard in real life, is it?" Smile Maybe because until then, he was mostly hovering around LOS in level modes...

After i started RC helicopters, i always wished the movement was not restricted in the games... would have been funny to fly inverted in the game, or even do hard 3D manouvers like tic-tocs etc. Big Grin
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Ace Combat!
Ive put some hours on that game in my days lol
Fly. Crash. Learn. Reapeat!