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Pitch Roll Yaw
Shop Name: Pitch Roll Yaw
URL link: https://www.pitchrollyaw.net/
Shop Location: California, USA
Accept Paypal: Yes

Product Category/Specialty: All quadcopter (including Tiny Whoops)
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I've gotta give a big  Thumbs Up to these guys!

I bought a couple of lipos a month ago - great price, fast shipping, cool free PRY sticker.  I like the batteries so much, I ordered a couple more on Sunday.  Something had changed on their shopping cart service and I got an error "after" the PayPal authorization.  Well the authorization went through, but no order confirmation.  I tried again the next morning - same thing and another authorization.  So I called (yes and talked to a real human!).  She was super nice and apologized, saying they had upgraded their cart software.  She canceled both PP authorizations while I was on the phone, and placed the order for me (and invoiced me).  This was Monday morning at around 11am EST.  Well the batteries arrived Wednesday in the mail!!  Thats from California to New York via USPS first class mail for $4.11 shipping.

I highly recommend buying from these guys!!  (I haven't checked to see if they got the shopping cart bug fixed, but I'm not worried even if they haven't.)  Check them out!  Thumbs Up Thumbs Up
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Agree with Scotty!  I haven't bought any batteries, but several other items.  Actually, I ordered from them and RMRC within an hour of each other on Monday and both orders arrived here (southeastern Virginia) on the same day (Wed.)!  Very happy so far...I will be a repeat customer! Heart
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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