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pepperF1SH - DIY smallest brushless quadcopter
(09-Jan-2017, 09:51 AM)AndreyM Wrote: Get solder paste and a hot air gun, just wet every solder pad with paste, place component on top and fixate them one by one with a hot air gun.

Thanks for the tips!!! Yep. That's the plan.  I was thinking about laser cutting a stencil with vellum paper ... but we'll see.

There's a lot to this build though that's out of my league. I don't really know how to compile the code he's using for the FrSky rx (CC2510 chip) - something I'll have to learn. Plus I'll have to setup a raspberry pi for flashing it when I do get that code compiled.  That's the biggest unknown for me right now - no idea how to compile the code and flash with raspberry pi.

... AndreyM ... you seem pretty active in many places. I just noticed you seem active in perhaps developing the Chrome App for the BLHeli suite? If that's true .. thanks for the amazing work!!

*cough*  anyone want to put together a tutorial for the pepperfish?  Big Grin
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RE: pepperF1SH - DIY smallest brushless quadcopter - by CesiumSalami - 10-Jan-2017, 06:08 PM

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