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Options on Capacitor install location
(03-Aug-2017, 07:25 AM)t3rminal Wrote: Obviously it won't help now you've purchased the camera & VTx however next time you are sourcing parts, choose a camera and VTx that'll run off battery voltage. Doing so would most likely mean (if you're using decent ESC's of course) that any voltage spike caused by active breaking will still be within the operating range of your hardware.

Is this directed at me? I an running a Runcam Swift 2 FPV cam which runs off 5v - 36v, I am running the EACHINE TX526 VTX that runs off 7v - 24v, and I am running Racerstar RS30A v2 ESCs. So everything is entirely capable of running off direct battery voltage. I run 4S lipos so capacitors will be effective at reducing noise and providing protection from voltage spikes.

I am currently waiting for the capacitors that I ordered to arrive. The PDB I am using is the Matek Mini Power Hub. There is a pad for the video signal wire located next to the pads for both the VTX and the Cam so you can wire it so your video signal passes through the PDB. This is how my quad is currently wired. I reading a thread on RCGroups last night about my PDB, the Matek Mini Power Hub. One if the things people were talking about in the thread was passing the video signal through the PDB. A few people were saying that they thought the PDB had a built-in video filter but nobody could provide any evidence to support this. So someone said they emailed Matek directly and according to him Matek, a video filter is present on this PDB but again, no evidence was provided, it was onky his word. If you go on Mateks website and look at that PDB, the product description does not say there is a built-in filter for the video signal. One would think if it was present it would be somewhere on the vendors product page as that would be a nice thing to know you have present if your video signal is passing through the PDB. So I don't really know what to believe. As I currently have my video passing through my PDB and my video feed is quite good I am led to believe a video filter is present. I emailed Matek myself last night. If their response does confirm this and people are interested, I can screenshot their response as proof.

Regardless if the filter is present or not I am going to compare the quality of my video feed with it wired in 5 slightly different configurations. The video signal passing through the PDB. The FPV Cam/VTX running from direct battery voltage with the video signal going straight from the cam to the VTX with no filtering. Also, 3 tests with the same wiring configuration as the one with no filter except one will have 4 smaller capacitors on each ESC, one with a bigger capacitor on the main power pads/leads, and 1 using a LC filter on the main power pads/leads.

I Haven't really seen much information or testing that compares and contrasts the 5 ways of filtering the video signal. As far as I know, these are all of the methods that can be used to filter video. This info would be very useful. Like ranking what method works best, which one works second best, down to which one is least effective in comparison to the other methods I mention.