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Options on Capacitor install location
I have had success with using a low esr cap on the battery leads of a quad for cleaner video.  All the sources say do this where the battery leads attach to the pdb.  Can I just put the cap on any open pads of the PDB?  I would like to move it away from the battery leads for better packaging.  

What's better - putting wires on the capacitor leads and attaching at the battery tie in, or shorter leads on the cap but mounted elsewhere on the PDB?  or does it matter at all.  It seems like it should not matter electronically.
In theory the best placement of the capacitor is as close to the noise source as possible which in our case will be on the escs. But if you are using just one cap, you can put it on whatever pad you want on the PDB as long as it is on one of the main pads (esc, battery etc)
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