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OpenBuilds MiniMill CNC - Build and Review
(11-Sep-2017, 12:15 PM)sloscotty Wrote: It also taught me a bit about the CAM tool I am starting with, which is a Sketchup plugin called "SketchUCam".  It was written by the guys at OpenBuilds.

I was wondering if there was a sketchup plugin for this kind of work, I thought that CAD being the only option was a kind of 'pricing' the uninitiated 'out of the market.' A bit like a printer that will print images from photoshop but not from paint!
Windless fields and smokeless builds
way cool, I have a CNC mill that I built from a mini mill, lots of fun.

I can highly recommend using Fusion 360 for the modelling and CAM (and the student copy is free)

there are a number of pre-configured mill profiles that can easily be edit to meet and special needs
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