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New Quad Pilot / First Buid / 210R
Ok guys. Newb here. So I'm taking this kinda slow to figure things out. I did a "mostly full build". But really just a mock-up just to figure out how everything goes together. And how much room I have to work with. I know that a larger frame would have probably been much friendlier to work with for a first build. But I sure like the looks of this frame. Ive also discovered that a couple of the "UpGrades" aren't really compatible with each other. But I fully intend to integrate them for the final build. Since I will be a novice quad pilot, and my first build, I'm not necessarily looking to save weight or win any races. Just looking for a solid build / to learn / and to have fun. Here is what I have so far.

Catalyst Machine Speed Addict 210R Frame Kit
Arm Brace Set (210R) *** Not compatible with Bulkhead
FPV Antenna Rear Bulkhead Upgrade *** Not Compatible with Arm Brace
Upgrade Runcam Swift Side Plate (T2)
2207 - 2450kv T-Motor F60 motors
Littlebee BLHeli-s 30A speed controllers.
Spektrum F400 flight controller (not shipped)
Spektrum SPM4649t Quad Race Reciever
RedRotor RROSD Pro V2 PDB / OSD Combo. (In transit)
Runcam Swift camera
Lumenier TX5G6R Mini 600mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter with Raceband
TBS Triumph 5.8GHz CP FPV Antenna Set

And I'll be flying with:
Skyzone Sk1 Dual Antenna FPV Goggle V2
Spektrum Dx8 G2 Tx.

Now for the pic's:

Thanks For Looking
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Nice looking build (mock up that is)..good job.

I also have the 210R and is one of my favourite quads.
My youtube channel

(04-Jan-2017, 02:35 AM)BigglesFPV Wrote: Nice looking build (mock up that is)..good job.

I also have the 210R and is one of my favourite quads.

Thanks BigglesFPV. Waiting for my PDB / OSD to arrive before I can really move along any further with the build. I really wanted an OSD. But I couldn't decide between the RedRotor or the Little Piggy OSD. So I finally decided to just go with the RR OSD. Since I'm also still developing my soldering skills, I decided to not follow the Cat - Machine build. Instead of soldering the PDB already mounted in the bay. I've decided to use the mock-up to get my wire measuerments. Soler the ESC's to the board on the desktop. Then pass all the wiring and ESC's through the PDB bay.
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OK Guys I resolved the compatibility issues with the "UpGrade Parts. If anyone is interested. I found a couple of 4-40 X 1.5" screws. And they work perfect. I'll grind off the access after the final build.

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Update: Slow progress is better than no progress. PDB and ESC's finally installed. Spektrum FC is finally in route (shipping). While waiting on the FC, plans are to power the PDB / OSD. Looking forward to getting my first real look through the SkyZone Goggles. And make settings on the OSD and camera.

Even though I'm in no rush, this has been a long process even for me. But, I'll chalk this one up to "learning" and move on. I'll be more than ready to stretch my wings.

PDB / OSD Installed

OSD Port Modification

ESC's Installed

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Well I know that this build has taken long enough. But I don't get to spend a lot of time with this hobby. And I wanted to take my time with this first build to learn everything that I can. Even though the build is just about over, the learning still has a long way's to go. Here she is awaiting her first flight.

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That is a good looking quadcopter.
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