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New member introduction
Thank you for the add. I have been flying the toy quadcopters for almost a year now and am about to get into FPV racing and freestyle. Looking for all the information I can find to help gain the knowledge I need to build and configure these awesome flying machines!
Another victim of FPV addiction I feel sorry for your bank account lol ROFL
Welcome Cranston!
Don't be a LOS'er, be an FPV'er :) -- Blog - Facebook - Instagram - Twitter - Google Plus
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  • Shawnp204, Cranston
Glad to have you Cranston......hope you own an oil well or two......
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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  • Cranston
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Thanks, my bank has already inquired about my new spending problem. Hahaha. I have a taranis on its way. 120 picnic quad with 8.5 motors. (Set up with a toy quad flight controller for now.) Currently researching brushed motor flight controllers. Any suggestions? Anything to stay away from? I'm looking at SP Racing f3 evo I think.
Welcome to the favourite bank customers Smile
As for the question there is a whole brushed branch on the forum you cxn start there, and the sp racing f3 is a good choice as well
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap at the moment... nothing is flyable
Bench / in progres: fixing Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap
thinking about building: 450

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  • Cranston
Thank you for the warm welcome! Third day into this forum and I can tell that this will be a great place to learn from. Happy flying!
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Welcome to the forum and happy learning and sharing!

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