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New here
Hi everyone, new to this forum.
ive got a couple of my own 250 fpv builds, my newest one going really nicely!
one problem though which is what brings me here Big Grin
cant get my taranis 9xd+ to bind with the x4r sb, tried a few things, next one is to put the original firmware back on but i no longer have the original sd card files.
does anyone know where i can get the original sd card files? or if someone has one themself? its 2.1.6
thanks and hi! Smile Tongue
Hello young Mike. Welcome to the forum!

Use logic here. Does your Taranis still work with the other receivers that you own? If so, there's nothing wrong with your radio.

FrSky always deliver their receivers flashed with working firmware.

Logically, there must be a problem with the X4R-SB.

Or was there something you didn't tell us?
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Welcome to the Forum Mike.
I'm a flysky user so can't be of any assistance I'm afraid, good luck getting it sorted though...
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The best thing to do is to identify what firmware you have on the Taranis, and flash your RX again just to be sure.

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And while you are checking firmwares and flashing hardwares...welcome to a most wonderful forum!!!
SoCal Kaity :D
OMG, no one told me it would be this much fun!  Addicted :)
Welcome mi96ke. Nice to have you here.

Just to be clear, are you trying to flash the firmware of the radio or the receiver?
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This is quite a common problem that I had too
If you are in europe you need to flash x4rsb with euro LBT version and not just plain euro version
You will get it on the frsky downloads
Should sort you out if you are in europe
The x4rsb i bought on ebay had the plain euro firmware and the one i bought locally came with euro LBT.
I bought the second one thinking the ebay one was knackered until i figured it out . Means i have a spare one for a future build.
If you are not in europe just check tx and rx software match.
Welcome mate
Sorry just a wee bit more
The eurolbt version on frsky site says it is from 2015. It works fine and i havent felt the need to update it as everything including telemetry works
Im a newb myself to all this but this was the most infuriating problem i had
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