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Naze32 issue
When I plug is my Battery into my quad copter, my Naze32 flight controller makes these weird sounds(distorted boot up sound followed by a high pitched buzzer sound;however, I do not have a buzzer anywhere on the quad)and flashes in random patterns. In regular cases, all four motors would play a tune, but this is not the case in my current situation. Is the possible issue low battery voltage?

I can try to pm a video if it's needed to help diagnose the issur
If you think that's the problem then the first step would be to check the voltage, if it's low charge it and try again......
The only sound I ever hear is from the motors making that buzzing sound on startup, but that's not your case is it? You hear it straight from the FC?
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If this is your first time plugging it all in you might want to make sure nothing is arcing and that all the positive and negative cables are running correctly. You shouldn't hear any noise for a Naze32 when you plug in a lipo, just the ESCs/Motors.

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