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My Most Successful Flying To Date!

It's a lousy camera and some really average crashing but 16 minutes of airtime in one session!
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one hint for future, i see you try to fight to the very end... after you lost orientation just put in the failsafe switch/killswitch - less damage to the quad. (in film i've seen near miss with concrete post, and few spins on the ground - in such situations failsafe... walk of shame... but limited damages might be handy)
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap at the moment... nothing is flyable
Bench / in progres: fixing Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap
thinking about building: 450

Agree with Grisha0....many times I've "lost it", and my main goal at that point is just to not have the motors spinning when it hits something (tree, ground, car, another person, etc.). In some cases the walk of shame or utilizing failsafe is much less expensive then staying with it until the very end. Food for thought.....
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
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Interesting note on the failsafe - I've been trying that, the good old "when all else fails".

As near as I can tell when I pull zero throttle for 5 secs the APM should disarm an it should be a dead piece of plastic, except, wait for it, unless it's in stabilise mode it will try to execute the throttle Failsafe which I have set for RTL. Same deal for the full left-zero throttle. It bugs the stuffing out of me too.

I'm getting quite good at the "walk of shame" Smile
Aaron in that case reconfigure the failsafe...

to have a killswitch... toggle... brick falling from the sky (not waiting for 5 seconds)
simple scenario... im flying LOS, i've been having fun and the quad is 50 m away from me, tought luck... i lost orientation and it is flying towards me, lets assume im having some reasonable 5040 biblade props (he he he), nothing fancy... it is flying at you with 75% of throttle.

i'm toggling killswitch, now based on the configuration there are two scenarios to consider:
- i will be smacked by a flying brick (or if lucky it will fall to the ground) - painful, might result in black eye - if my quad listens to me and engages failsafe "NOW"
- i will be smacked by a flying lawnmower cutting through everything it can reach... and it will disengage after 5 seconds (while cutting somwhere between my nose and ears)

of course this is some kind of drama scenario... just a visualization of what can potentially happen.

a hint from me... get a failsafe on a switch without need to press the thrtl down for 5 secs.
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap at the moment... nothing is flyable
Bench / in progres: fixing Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap
thinking about building: 450

Yeah - am considering do exactly that Greg. As it turns out more reviewing of the logs shows that it was in failsafe mode already and doing a RTL when it was taking so long to "Kill" in flight.

The Zero throttle & Left disarm combo is working correctly (although it's a 2 second hold) was working correctly. At least that I hadn't cocked up.

Feeling pretty down today - last night I took a quick flight and it was working OK'ish - so was trying Autotune again. It did a sudden veer-off and tumble which ended up leading to more investigations where I found a bunch of excess loctite in a motor bell (that was an hour of my life cleaning up) and then on that same motor the ESC had copped a whack and has lost a capacitor off the board - this happened somewhere in the last week but the heat shrink must have been holding it in place. It still "functions" but definitely not the same as the other 3 ESCs.

As you can see it was much better overall. I think once I resolve the ESC problem i will be cheering Smile
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all good in my view... and, for the record...No such thing as a "Walk of Shame".  anyone who says they don't crash, lose it, whatever..is lying.

 I have never done the "Walk of Shame", I always do the "shuffle of laughter" ROFL ROFL
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