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My First Build (Cheap250)

It's now quite "tall" on the $1.50 alloy legs.  

Haven't flown with this config yet (moving house takes priority)...
It flies, just sorta with the GoPro and long legs - need to up the props to the Tri-blades or 6030's to get decent thrust. Weight balance is also a bit rough.
Ripped the long legs off, chucked on a battery a tried to fly in my (tiny) back yard.

After almost shredding a nice Hugo Boss business shirt I took on the fence and smashed the rather rubbish carbon prop guards, exploded two more gemfans and called it a day.

Jumped onto http://www.myrcmart.com and bought new (plastic) prop guards, motor protectors, short landing feet and a couple other beads and trinkets to give this a make-over.

I want to get the hang of flying again before the Trifecta and UAVFutures build are finished and the only way to do that is to put in more time....
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While everything else falls out of the sky this heap flies quite well these days
So I have a X6B receiver coming for this with a view to tidying up the build some more (and moving the iA6C receiver over to the Trifecta)..

Will have to get this out on the weekend for the last flight in its current configuration!

Time for open heart surgery to remove the Flysky-Turnigy IA6C receiver and install the Flysky X6B receiver.  This means disassembling the flight stack, adding JST-SH terminals to the power and signal wiring and then reassembling the whole thing.

The all the recalibration exercises and finally test flying again!
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