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My First Build (Cheap250)

It's now quite "tall" on the $1.50 alloy legs.  

Haven't flown with this config yet (moving house takes priority)...
It flies, just sorta with the GoPro and long legs - need to up the props to the Tri-blades or 6030's to get decent thrust. Weight balance is also a bit rough.
Ripped the long legs off, chucked on a battery a tried to fly in my (tiny) back yard.

After almost shredding a nice Hugo Boss business shirt I took on the fence and smashed the rather rubbish carbon prop guards, exploded two more gemfans and called it a day.

Jumped onto http://www.myrcmart.com and bought new (plastic) prop guards, motor protectors, short landing feet and a couple other beads and trinkets to give this a make-over.

I want to get the hang of flying again before the Trifecta and UAVFutures build are finished and the only way to do that is to put in more time....
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