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Multirotors FPV RC Acronyms and Terms
I just started in the hobby and finding it difficult to to follow some of the discussions where people use lots of Acronyms and technical terms. So I have been gathering a list of them and hope it helps someone new too! 

Feel free to add to the list !

AP= Aerial Photography
ARF = Almost Ready to Fly
AUW= all up weight 
BEC= battery eliminator circuitry
BNF = Bind and Fly
CoG (or CG)= center of gravity
CPPM = Combined Pulse Position modulation
ESC= electronic speed control
FOV = Field of View
FPV= First person view
FS= failsafe 
Kv= thousands of rpm per volt.
LED = Light Emitting Diode
LHCP =Left Hand Circular Polarized
Lipo= lithium polymer battery
LOS= line of sight
LRS= long range system
mAh - milliamp hours
MR= multirotor..
mW= mili Watt
OSD=on screen display
PDB= power distribution board
PPM = Pulse Position modulation
PWM = Pulse Width Modulation
RC= Radio Controlled
RHCP = Right Hand Circular Polarized
RSSI = Received Signal Strength Indication
RTF = Ready To Fly
RTH= return to "home"
Rx= Receiver
SBUS, or correctly written is S.BUS = Serial Bus
TH= throttle hold.
TVL = TV Line
Tx= Transmitter
UAS = unmanned aerial system
UAV = unmanned aerial vehicle
UBEC = Universal Battery Elimination Circuit
Vrx= video receiver
Vtx= video transmitter

Whilst not an acronym it is worth a mention,
EXPO, Short for Exponential.. Best to google that one for a full explanation, He is my quick version. A means to "dumb " your midstick sensitivity without effecting full throw.
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