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Motor stops at low throttle
So i changed my esc's from Littlebee 20amp too Littlebee 20amp BLheli S. 
Haven't had much luck with them as of yet. Every now and again one motor will almost give up at low throttle and the quad falls for a second or so but i'm able to catch it and fly off.

I started with my min value at 1006 so put that up to 1032 because i felt maybe it was too low. Still no change, I've calibrated the escs 4 times now as i felt it might be an issue with one of them but still no luck.. Help plz
Possibly your min throttle is too low.

I found old little bees had to be around 1060 mark for me otherwise on hard moves like 0 to full throttle they would desync. That bottom stick ain't going do much anyways.
You can just set PPM min/max in BLHeliSuite to 1020 and 1980 manually, and set min_throttle at 1060. It works like a charm for me never had any problem with that

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