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motor calibration
Hi all
I was calibrating my Diatone gt2 200 motors using Betaflight

In Beta flight the procedure goes  exacly as planned, the drone makes all the right sounds and lights and throttle is nice and even, "deep and crisp and even .... sorry slipped into festive mode there Tongue .

When i try throttling up with my Taranis Q X7 tx the motors respond unevenly.

Is this normal or am I missing something in the transmitter.

Using my transmitter for practice in The Drone Racing League and it works fine so gimbals are ok.

Any thoughts? Cool
Installed clean flight and it calibrated first time
What is your min_throttle? Have you tried just putting props on and try to take off? If not, go ahead and try it.
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Use D-shot. Then you don't need to do any calibration in Betaflight. Most BLHELI_S escs can do this these days. Try DSHOT150 out first to see if the esc can handle it. Also, try reflashing the firmware on your escs before calibration through BLHELI suite in Chrome.
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