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Motor 2 and 4 not spinning on KISS FC build
Hi All,

I have a DIY quad build with KISS FC.  I have the KISS firmware upgraded and in the data output my transmitter is transmitting correctly.  However motor 2 and 4 will not spin and they beep constantly when trying to do a motor test.  I have been through the ESC calibration protocol several times to no avail.  My ESC mode is set to PWM.  Motors 1 and 3 (top board) spin up fine on the test, but motor  2 and 4 from the bottom do not spin up only beep ...beep beep
What type of escs?
They came with the YoCoo f450 DIY drone.

Three blue wires going from the ESC to motor and then the red/black power and the red/white/black ESC wires

They are wrapped in yellow shrink
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You could try moving your throttle trim down a bit before you arm it. I haven't heard of it beeping the motors from this though, usually it just won't spin.
Did you go through esc calibration step by step following the manual?


I calibrated them once and forgot to plug in the lipo. Maybe thats the issue?

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