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"Minimalist 112" build log
Hi all,
here i'll include the steps taken to build smallest brushless i've used so far...
it doesn't mean it is smallest ... it is jus smallest i've builded

challanges i see so far... patience to wait for the parts, small amout of space (so it needs to be a tidy build)

so far i've received motor (racerstar BR1103 @ 10000 kv) -daaaaaamn they are tiny - micro sd for scale...

pico fc from banggood


Frame is ordered from aramantan (cant remember how it is called)

so... let's start:

first Frame from http://armattanproductions.com/ named Minimalist 112 - i like it for it's simplicity... unfortunately frame came with wrong top plate... awaiting for replacement...

will it stop me from building it ? hell no Smile

step one. wash the carbon parts, dry them and using third hand stabilization cover edges with CA (to strengthen the structure of carbon and make delamination harder).

as the frame is drying... let's work on the esc and remove excess of wrapping material

next step is to check the replacement for typical standoffs - long screws

lets connect the motors to esc, replace original cables with battery plug, and add additional cables to power the fc...
first Poop moment when you can't place nuts lower as the electronics components are in the way... this esc could have been designed better Smile :


or after checking the screws provided with motor ... i will test the hype next time... softmount removed...
motors mounted:

let me add low importance components like FC and RX... Kudos to Konrad for improving the "aluminium way" to filter the rx with electrostatic bag + heatshrink

ok so i'm missing top plate... lets find something that "should" fit and adapt it... oooh a NOX camera mount... a bit of filing and...

i know... not perfect ... but it works for now ... other angle...

i had to buy a scale for this shot Tongue

so far this is my cleanest built... what i really like ist the esc that looks like "nothing is soldered to it"
awaiting slowboat to deliver 2 AIO cameras to test which will be a better fit... more to come...
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3, Minimalist 112, Scrap
Bench / in progres: fixing
thinking about building: 450
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I have built a similar quad... ok the same, but different ;p

I won't go into details, I'll just say, this must be the cleanest build so far... mostly because it has small amount of parts ;p I tried to use standard standoffs, but components on the FC are placed in a way that they prevented me from screwing them in the first place - I presume it's because of tiny differences in SMD placing that made Grisha use standard M3 nuts. I used standoffs provided with the frame - they are a bit thinner... but very tall instead.

When I had to think about the missing top plate, I immediately thought about thin plexiglass that I have laying around. So I got into drilling and hand-made "CNCing" using a dremel and vice. 

Grisha asked me to "add a photo" Tongue  : 

Smallest brushless motors ever!

A shot of wired FC:

And another with a regular motor for scale ;p

Plexi top plate:

Covered the edges of plexi with a hot glue bumper. Shiny:

Ohh! I forgot the scale 47.44g dry weight, 72.31g AUW ;p


Sorry, I forgot one prop, they weight almost nothing Wink
Find me on Youtube and Instagram. I currently fly: NOX5, NOX5RAirblade Assault 130 and drive a scrap RC car
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