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Makerfire MICRO FPV, the alternative to inductrix FPV


The Makerfire FPV Micro is a small radio-controlled quadricopter equipped with a system allowing the control immersion (FPV).
The device comes in a small box with pre-cut foam in the shape of the quad.

In terms of accessories you can count on
  • a 1S 200mAh lipo
  • USB cable for charging your LIPO

It is a device intended for DSMX protocol users. This is the protocol for Spektrum radio owners but also to Devo flashed Deviation.
In theory the model is BNF (bind and fly), simply bind your radio, connect the battery and fly.


  • 64mm spacing engines.
  • 4 *17500KV engines protected against shocks.
  • Flight duration: 3 minutes 40 seconds.
  • AIO camera 25mW 5.8G

The screw slots should be monitored, I am not sure that they broke the cover.

Weight: 22g (without LIPO)


The Makerfire FPV Micro comes with version 3.0.1 of Betaflight SP Racing F3 evo already installed.

You still in your bind radio with quad. In this presentation I used the radio DX9.

The assignment process is very simple. Just press the bind button on the flight map and simultaneously connect lipo or usb.

Remember to correct your end points in the radio!

PID require a little time to adjust. I do not recommend the original ones!



The Makerfire Micro FPV is a real alternative to Inductrix FPV at Spektrum. 
Firstly the cost is half (depending on promotions) as the original product, on the other hand you will enjoy the benefits of a true flight map that will open, who knows, the doors of FPV Racing.

The protection of propellers are a must. It will monitor the scope and therefore the settings of your failsafe, because I had twice radios tops in the house.

The device is available here Gearbest

Good flights!

Review by Pimousse for Pimousse.be website
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