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M3 Hex Driver for FC and PDB nuts and standoffs
Handy tool for screwing/unscrewing M3 Hex nuts and standoffs.
STL download: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1850401

A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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  • sloscotty
wouldn't it be better with some flat surface for you to grab it and turn it ? now you have extended tube or nut... but still no way to rotate it unless you get some tool
All the best
Grzesiek (Grisha/ Greg)

Curently flyable: Nox 5, Nox 3
Bench / in progres: ZMRX(scrap build)
thinking about building: 450
the "cylinder" bit is the head Smile it handles quite well with the other side in your hand Smile
I have used it with standoff as long as 5cm works great Smile I think you should print one and try it out first
A better FPV'er than LOS'er :) -- My Fleet
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