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Lumenier LUX V2 Flight Controller
Lumenier has just released an updated version of their LUX FC board and it looks great! 

It even supports the new DSHOT! 

It can be powered directly from the flight battery and also has a 5v out for vtx and other components that take 5v.

  • New in V2
    • Dedicated UART for RC RX use, no need to solder a jumper to select PPM/SRX anymore.
    • Dedicated telemetry UART, this brings the total to 5x plus USB.
    • SD Card slot for BlackBox data recording (SD card not included)
    • Low noise MPU6000 SPI Gyro.
    • USB detection can disable things like buzzer when configuring on the bench.
    • New ultra low noise regulators for MCU and IMU power systems.
  • USB Conflict resolution - Hardware inversion, SBUS or telemetry can be used on any of the 3 available hardware serial ports. USB will not interfere with peripherals.
  • High Speed SPI 8kHz Gyro 
  • MPU interrupt connected to F3, allowing the F3 to know immediately when fresh data is available.
  • Dedicated Boot button for easy firmware flashing.
  • Reinforced solder pads for trouble-free direct soldering.
  • Extremely low profile design.
  • Recessed, sideways pin headers. Also enables soldering of all wires directly to pads without use of any pin headers.
  • Integrated FRSky RSSI Filter (RC filter).
  • Input voltage 6v to 24v. Power the board directly from flight pack up to 6S (on 'BAT' pad only!).
  • VIN + VBAT merged - A single wire to power the board will provide voltage input and Telemetry/OSD voltage data.
  • Filtered voltage output - output 5v 1A (and 3.3v where applicable) to power peripherals such as GPS, RX, BLACKBOX, OSD. 5v/3.3v RX selectable.
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Just ordered one of these to replace my broken SP Racing F3
I got mine for Christmas! Hopefully soon I'll have it up and running on my quad.
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Mine is working great.

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