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LP90, a 90mm brushless FPV racer
Banggood announced a new 90mm brushless FPV racer, the LP90.

There is only little Info available yet:

Main Specification:
Item NO.: LP90
Material: Pure carbon fiber
Top board thickness: 0.8mm
Bottom board thickness: 1.0mm
Motor: DYS1104
ESC: LittleBee 12A
Flight Control: F3 6DOF
Propeller: 3020
Transmitter: FX798T


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So in order to get 2 motors to spin the opposite direction they turned them upside down? How strange.
This is done to prevent the props touching each other. The props overlap in some area. So it is possible to use standard 3in props with 90mm frame...
I hope the frame is available as spare part soon.
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I have to say I do like the form factor of the LP90's prop guards, but this Q90 is just so cute! Only 6A ESC's tho!
overlapping props? well, what influence does it have on aerodynamics? i guess, this is not the best solution

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