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Legal FPV Flying
(29-Jan-2017, 12:51 AM)molitar Wrote: When I was partner with a person in a WISP (Wireless WiFi) anything up to a 1000mw did not need a license for. You really just need to check that the 5.8Ghz fpv setup gear is within FCC regulation specs. This was about 10 years ago and drones are quite new but at that time if it was under 1watt they did not care pretty much.
look into HAM Technician testing. Google a HAM group in your area for a testing location. They'll probably let you walk in for the exam -- $15 fee.

Plenty of study guides and sample tests online
Found a Study Guide here in pdf.

Studying for mine too atm Thumbs Up 

Note: Not only does it keep us legal for fpv, but, personally Im a bit of a survivalist as well, and the skill-set that comes with ham radio could prove invaluable in an emergency situation. (e.g. Hurricanes, earthquakes........ALIENS!) Cry Big Grin
Just my 2cents
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Hmm... I have a GMDSS license for operating global maritime radio equipment. Wonder if that counts.

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