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Kombini Issues
I am using a kombini FC. I've been using it for months now. Was flying amazing. The other day my emax lightning 30a ESC on motor number 2 took a dump. So while I had it apart I figured now's a good time to upgrade the firmware as well. So I did. The repairs went as usual and all went together good. I inputted the PID settings I had from the previous firmware version. Set the loops to where they were, 4 and 4. And calibrated the escs. Took it out to fly and W t f! It's doing some wild stuff. On sharp maneuvers, flips, rolls and when bringing the throttle down and back up, the copter freaks out. It'll just do things all on its own. I had this problem once before and it was due to my loop settings to high. Lowered them to 4 and 4 that time and it fixed it. This time I tried lowering it to 2 and 2 and same thing. I tried re flashing, same thing. I tried re programming my pids (unless I'm doing something wrong), same thing. As long as I cruise at a medium speed and don't make any sharp maneuvers it's good. But once I fly it the way it's meant to be flown it's over. It'll turn on its own. Flip over and crash. I need help figuring out why. Thanks everyone for your help.
You don't tell us what your old and new firmware versions were, or even which firmware you are using, but just copying your setup from an old version to a new version often does not work properly because settings may have changed between versions.

It also sounds like you might be getting desync problems. Did you set your min_throttle properly?

I think you need to start from a clean flash at defaults and carefully set things up again from scratch.

Also, please try to avoid posting a wall of text. Breaking up your post into paragraphs helps people to read what you have written and you are much more likely to get helpful replies if people don't have to struggle to read your post.
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Check your receiver connection! (solder joints and cable)
Check if your FC is sitting secure in the frame.
Update ESC firmware, Not sure what sort of ESC you are using, but if you are using DShot, try Multishot/Oneshot instead. Some BLHeli_S ESC don't work with DShot very well by default.
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yes check the continuity of your signal wires, the Kombini is a tight solder.
Do you have anti-gravity enabled? Some FC/ESC combos do not like this option

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