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Knowing when battery is charged on this balanced charger
I have this charger:

WLtoys V950 RC Helicopter Part DC 2-4S 


and these batteries:


I am curious, how do i know when the battery is fully charged?  I am super nervous of going overboard on it.  Does the charger know?   (There was no manual with it).   When I plug in a battery to charge, it shows the overall voltage and then each of the cells.  They seem fully charged (judging by the fact it says 11.1V) but my transmitter says the RX is about a quarter or so charged when I view on my flysky i6s.  So not sure which to believe, or what the numbers on the battery charger may really mean (shows like 11.6v then blinks b-1 and says 3.83 then b-2 and says like 3.79 then like b-3 and says like 3.88) (Examples not actual numbers)

Just not sure what I am looking for the values to be... 
Charger should stop when each cell is 4 2V, which is fully charged for lipo/lion.
B-1, b-2, b-3 are your cell voltages. You have a 3 cells or 3S lipo..
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Okay 4.2 is the magic number I am looking for then. Thanks!
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The individual cells should have very similar voltages, if there are large differences between cell voltages when connecting the battery this can momentarily cause a burst of high current as the cells equalize, which can damage components. If one of your cells seems to be consistently lower voltage than the others it can be a sign of a cell going bad, so its a good idea to keep an eye on the voltages of individual cells as well as the overall battery voltage.
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(05-Jan-2018, 12:49 AM)codejoy Wrote: Okay 4.2 is the magic number I am looking for then. Thanks!

Also, batteries are specified according to their nominal cell voltage, which is 3.7 volts. That's why a 3S battery is shown as being 11.1 volts. Fully charged, it's 4.2 * 3 or 12.6 volts.
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Just plug it in, and let it charge until the battery is full (4.2V)
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