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KIWI.F4 Flight Controller + KIWI PDB from FlyingLemon
Hey guys, yesterday my FC went out in smoke after some rewiring and I found this while searching for a replacement.

It ticks all my boxes so I'll probably get one to replace the dead RaceBase.

What I find most interesting is:
- F4 and MPU6000
- Integrated OSD and filtered 12v for FPV gear
- Stackable PDB with current sensor (included), low profile and no wires required
- Handles 5S
- Extra UARTs
- SD card slot

KIWI is a powerful STM32F4 CPU based flight controller, fast, reliability and full of awesomeness. Using low noise MPU6000 gyro on SPI bus for faster acquisition of gyro data. Board have 3 fully usable UART ports without interference in USB port (VCP) compatible with BLHELI passtrough, SDCard slot, 5V up to 5S step-down and 12V linear BEC. All this things are complemented by OSD customizable directly with Betaflight Configurator.

STM32F405 processor, 170MHz
low noise, vibration resistant MPU6000 gyro chip on SPI-bus
compatible with latest Betaflight releases also can be used with Raceflight (at this time without OSD function)
switching step-down 5V and 600mA current output, up to 6S input (not needed external 5V regulator)
12V/0.7A linear BEC for video line
LC filter on video line
SDCard slot for data logging
OSD (only for betaflight)
USB port independent of UART ports
programmable, hardware SBUS inverter
dedicated Spektrum Satellite connector with 3.3V output
buzzer driver
LED strip output
VBAT monitor
RSSI monitor
current monitor
BOOT button for simple flashing
DSHOT600 support
dedicated PDB with current sensor up to 160A (included!)

From Betaflight version 3.1 and above FW will be available direct from configurator. Version 3.1.6 is available to download on bottom of this page.

Available here: https://flyinglemon.eu/flight-controller...oller.html

EDIT: Updated with info and pictures about v2
EDIT2: Add attachment with wiring diagram

Attached Files
.pdf   kiwif4v2_wiring_big.pdf (Size: 1.83 MB / Downloads: 56)
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Does look like a nice board! Thanks for sharing!
"Damn the torpedoes!!!  Full speed ahead!!!"
All it needs is an SD card slot
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(07-Nov-2016, 06:11 PM)varkokonyi Wrote: All it needs is an SD card slot

It *does* have built in flash for blackbox.
Okay, but it is small (compared to a 4GB SD card) and takes ages to import to a pc
anybody knows the height of the combo ?
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The kit comes with 5mm spacers to put between the boards so it's that plus the height of the boards which is pretty standard.

Finally got mine this week (after 4 weeks delay) and will post some first impressions over the weekend. I'll take some proper measurements then.
Nice man! Would love to listen to your take on this as im planning to buy them.
Here's a long due, quick update on my experience with the Kiwi.

So far I haven't been able to actually fly it because of winter ( Poop ) weather or lack of time, so all I can tell now is about the build.

When it arrived I was impressed with the packaging. The PDB and FC came in separate boxes and inside anti-static bags. With the PDB was also a set of spacers which are the same height as the 8pin connector - neat.

This is how the boards look like:

I installed it on my QAV-X as a replacement for the stock frame PDB and a Racebase FC that went out in smoke after some rewiring. I can say that I really enjoyed this build. 
One thing I didn't notice until I started building is that the PDB has solder pads for the ESCs signal and ground wires which then connect to the FC via the 8pin plug. Perfectionist build freaks like me will appreciate this as it makes for a cleaner build.

Now just hoping for dry weather so I can actually test it. grrr  Confused
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It looks very nice and clean.
Im very curious to learn more about this fc!
How might you compare it to the DemonRC Soul f4 and Core pdb?
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We need more info. How would you soft mount this combo?
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(22-Jan-2017, 08:15 AM)Miguel Arr Wrote: We need more info. How would you soft mount this combo?

I don't think you can, pretty much like the TBS powercube you just have to eliminate the vibration at the source which is the motors.
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(22-Jan-2017, 08:15 AM)Miguel Arr Wrote: We need more info. How would you soft mount this combo?

Soft mounting is optional here, what I did lately with demonrc combo is I took a long nylon screw, single nylon nut to tighten it to the frame and used silicone from 12awg wire as standoffs. Whole stack is soft mounted this way Smile
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(20-Jan-2017, 05:16 AM)Drone0fPrey Wrote: Im very curious to learn more about this fc!
How might you compare it to the DemonRC Soul f4 and Core pdb?

For starters, the Soul F4 is confirmed to support DShot, I'm not sure the Kiwi does as I didn't find any info on that yet. I'm still using blheli (without _s) ESCs so I didn't have the chance to test if it works or not.

(22-Jan-2017, 08:15 AM)Miguel Arr Wrote: We need more info. How would you soft mount this combo?

You can't soft mount the FC alone but you could soft mount the 2 board stack. But since the trend now is to soft mount the motors you're probably better off going that way.
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