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Kissed Frankenquad
it looks like I have forgotten to update this post  Cry 

This is my main quad now, and it has been upgraded with Kiss ESCs and Kiss OSD, so it is a fully kissed frankenquad now. I really like the kiss feeling and the neutral COG this frame has. 

It has been "rebuilt" so I could get a free pizza some time ago (A pizza restaurant in Norway had a PR stunt where you got a free pizza if you brought a drone the size of a pizza)

After i ate the pizza, I made a quad of the box (it didn''t fly very well. Slow and unstable. Should probably give it some more I-Gain Tongue ).

The frankenquad has been submerged so I had to put it in the oven to dry up

And now it looks like the frankenquad is going to get a facelift. The "pod" is the Shendrones Corgette front section and I found the STL files on thingiverse. Fortunately, they fit the lantian frame with just some minor modifications to the frame. I got a guy on 3dhubs.com to print it for me and it was a quite good result I must say. I don't have much experience with 3d printed things, so I can't say much about the print quality, but it looks quite alright

It looks like the frankenquad is going to get a 6 inch brother as well! Lantian LT HEX 215 frame, Martian 250mm arms and Shendrones Corgette front section:
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BTW, the new Lantian LT hex215 arms have been redesigned so the should be much stronger now than what they used to be. Here is a picture of the new arm to the left and old arms to the right

Totally missed this thread. Epic!
(With Homer voice) Hmmmm... Pizzaaa...   ROFL Thumbs Up
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