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KINGKONG TINY7 - 75mm whoop
Thanks to Sandra and BangGood for offering this item in return for a writing a pre release article.

Coming soon, to the airspace in a room near you... (If you live near me that is!)

Purchase from BangGood here -

The Tiny7 is the newest in quite a long line of brushed micro FPV quadcopters but I don't think its going to stay at the back of the line for long. There are a lot of tinywhoop's around, from guys who modded the original 'inductrix,' those later who added FPV to the Eachine E010 and others who went all out with the carbon fiber and aluminium upgraded chassis from RakonHeli. All these micro-quads used small 6x15mm brushed motors to drive them, this is where the KINGKONG TINY7 differs from the rest...

Yes it 'looks' like just another one of those tinywhoop's, but on paper at least, there isn't the least bit 'whoops' about it! Look closely and you will see the chassis is 1cm larger than 'your average whoop' but that allows for larger 7x20mm motors to drive more torque hungry, 40mm tri-blade props. If your still looking closely you can see that the props look pretty aggressive, with a high angle of attack, almost like the blade of a brushless whoop.

(The magnifying glass is in the wrong place, I'm trying to show you the AOA {Angle Of Attack} of the props!)

The camera on board the Tiny7 has more than the usual 600 TVL boasted by most older tinywhoop's, more even than the 700 TVL 110° FOV on the Eachine wizard X220 which is 3 times the size! No less than an 800TVL and 150° FOV camera feed being transmitted through a 25mW 16 channel VTX. Im not too sure if the little piggy curly tail is is the antenna for the RX or VTX though?

Stuart..? BUDDY!!

On the RX side of things, the Tiny7 has the following options -
AC800(Frsky D8R, Frsky:X9D X9E X12S)
FM800(Futaba Fasst)
FS PPM(Flysky FS-RX2A : FS -I6, FS-I6X, FS-I6S,
FS-TM8, FS-TM10, FS-I10)

The KINGKONG TINY7 is quite heavy at 44 grams, all up weight, compared to the 26g advertised by the 'E010s' stats. The 75mm chassis has additional support over and above the original form factor of the inductrix frame, with additional cross supports between the prop shrouds. The added resilience may well be necessary if the 720 motors are able to propel those 44 grams as quickly as I hope. Remember that 12 of those 44 grams are the battery though, and while we are on the subject...

The batteries are 1s 500mAh with a 30c discharge rate, (photographed with 'PeakPower' battery) even smaller Whoop's tend to prefer a larger (~45c) discharge rate than this so I hope there is enough punch to deal with its heft...? I have confidence that KINGKONG know how to make good props to take full advantage of the bigger 720 motors though...

This hardware has all been backed up by an SP Racing F3 brushed FC running betaflight 3.0.1.

It also comes in 4 cool colours with matching props, if you get the advanced version you get all 4 different colour canopies and 16 props (4 sets in 4 colours) as well as 5 batteries and a 5 port charger.

I have to say I am really looking forward to getting this in the air..!
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Thanks buddy! My PC has died and I'm struggling with posting links and images, from my phone I will get over to the in-laws and add photos to this post today...
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(25-Apr-2017, 04:37 AM)Tom BD Bad Wrote: ...I'm struggling with posting links and images, from my phone...

Ah yes if one opens ones eyes, scrolls to the bottom of any intoFPV page one will find the toggle for the full site and the mobile version.
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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Big Grin

Happens to the best of us Tom!
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looking more and more professional, this review Smile
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(04-May-2017, 11:24 PM)Oscar Wrote: looking more and more professional, this review Smile

Thanks Oscar, I will write a proper review once I have it, that write up I will give you to upload to your blog if you like it... With Drone Of Prey's how to hack the Eachine pro DVR onto the goggles 2 I will be able to finally upload some FPV footage soon too  Big Grin
Windless fields and smokeless builds
I love these 75mm quads. They are soo much fun. The frames are almost indestructible!
I crashed mine basically as hard as it could be crashed... Repeatedly, and succeeded in breaking it, after about 3 weeks but I was flying outside into trees, walls . It picked up sand in one of the motors on day 1, the FC handled it well and it was still pretty quick even being hampered by this.

Replacement's are dirt cheap too, motors from myRCmart.com are $1.50 each (sold in pairs) and I will confirm soon that the Cheerson CX-95S  chassis is a compatible replacement for the AIO board, at $1.14 from hobbyking, (same price as replacement props) and $1.71 for the canopy this little guy should keep you (and she-who-controls-the-purse-strings) smiling all through winter! Big Grin
Windless fields and smokeless builds
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Hi guys, I got the standard tiny 7 but has only 1x battery, Anyone sourced spare batteries for this model? please share and thanks!

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