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Is it normal to.... (Going the 3-way)
consider building a small tri-copter to use the 3 "spare" ESCs you have after your quad eats the 4th?

So far I have spare: 
  • KK2.1.5
  • 6-channel receiver
  • assorted mounting hardware
  • 3x 20a ESC's
At the moment I'm assuming my current 4 motors are OK although one is a little bent up and just maybe I should get a new set for the quad leaving me 3 "good" motors.  

All-in-all I think all I'd need is: Yes I'm aware that the KK2.1.5 has limitations but honestly it cannot be all that bad just to get in the air and have some fun with.  Or I can improve my crash-skills. 

I'm also thinking that having a second aircraft opens the door to picking up another TX and my wife being able to fly with me (she's ex-Airforce)  Big Grin

All of this will put of me building a "big" camera platform which is probably a good thing.

KK2 is perfectly fine for a tricopter, in fact it's very easy to setup Smile My very first DIY tricopter build: https://oscarliang.com/build-diy-mini-tricopter/
Hobbyking sells a plastic mini tricopter frame which is okay.. I don't find many other alternatives. RCExplorer sells their own frame kit but very pricey.
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Yep the Hobbyking you linked one is the one I'm thinking of.  I'd like to keep this incredibly cheap and cheerful.

Minor setback has been the death of my soldering station (it was 28 years old!) which is going to divert attention...
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