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Inductrix FPV Pro Video Channel Confusion
I have a FPV Pro that I've only had about 2 weeks.
I also have the DJI RE goggles that I use with to fly it. I'm still pretty new at this.
The goggles can autoscan and find the the video which allows me to fly but I've noticed that the channel that was found varies by 2 -5 everytime I initiate auto-scan.
Playing around with the channel manualy in the goggles I can get a better picture if I tweak the channel.

What I want to do is determine what channel the quad's VTX is set to so that I can match up video RX to the TX.
But I can't seem to get the RX channel on the googles to agree with the channel that the TX is set to.
Anybody else played with this? I'm embedding a picture of the LED's. It should be channel 1 Band F according to the manual. -> 5740MHz
The goggles report 5860 - 5867 when I try autoscan several times. 


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First, welcome to the best forum for all things FPV!

The first light (orange or red) is the channel light.  If it is on solid, you are on channel 1.  It would seem that for every push, the channel will go up and then you need to count the pulses to derive the channel.  The row of blue lights is your band.  F E A R B is their order, so the lights yours displays is channel 1 on F band, or 5740mHz.

I assume that it remembers whatever the VTX was last set at.  If you disconnect the power and plug it back in, the camera should flash its current setting.

SoCal Kaity :D
OMG, no one told me it would be this much fun!  Addicted :)
Yes, it does. The Red LED and 1st blue LED is on. See attached jpeg.
I'm getting my frequency info from the chart that came with the inductrix and that's not matching what my goggles say the video is on.
I guess the only way to know which end is lying to me is to get a spectrum analyzer in the area and see where the video channel really is.
This is the only analog video channel I've tried to monitor so the problem can be either the drone or the goggles.
I've already ruled out user error  Whistling
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