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iNav help line
Just a quick update to the last post. I was wondering if flying mode 1 or mode 2 made a difference as the videos show mode 2 pilots. The answer is NO as long as the aileron stick moves the Roll bar in the Receivers tab in iNav and the elevator stick moves the Pitch bar. Further I found the information in this link very helpful on control surface movement while test the set up on the bench.
I also found this video worth while as it makes looking at the changes made much simpler, maybe one page instead of six pages for a typical CLI dump. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5haTMW2...e=youtu.be
Makes it much simpler to swap CLI commands with your mates. When the weather permits I will be test flying my wing.
I'll be starting to get familiar with iNav soon as I'll be building my Techone wing with an Omnibus F4 as the flight controller. Hopefully the weather might clear by the weekend so I can actually give it a try!
Fantastic news, I had a look at the web and found that there are many versions of Techone wings, so which one is it? I have a Tek Sumo which is a Popwing clone and what a fun wing that is. I am sure all will go well, but please do tell.
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(31-Aug-2017, 03:03 AM)Hank Deucker Wrote: Fantastic news, I had a look at the web and found that there are many versions of Techone wings, so which one is it? I have a Tek Sumo which is a Popwing clone and what a fun wing that is. I am sure all will go well, but please do tell.

I have the revised version of the Techone FPV 900 wing. See: http://intofpv.com/t-techone-fpv-wing-90...?pid=28575

I'm just waiting for the FPV camera and a couple of other parts that I need for the build to arrive. Even though they have strengthened the wing considerably since the first version, I'm going to wrap the wings in laminating film for extra durability.
Much like my Tek Sumo, I have strengthen it by replacing the 3 mm CF tubes with 6X1mm CF Strips and added a nose for better balance as  use 3S 2200 MAh batteries. A mate at our club has wrapped his in laminating film and has made it almost indestructible based on his many 'wins' in combat flying at the club.
The maiden test flight for my wing which is a CrashTestHobby Widowmaker. See:  http://www.crashtesthobby.com/widowmaker-37.html because it is crash proof. It flies well, though I prefer the Tek Sumo, in Passthru mode. In Angle mode it stabilises very well but won't turn left or right, quick flick of the switch and it can be turned, so it is back to do more reading and find out what I have missed.
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5/9/2017 Test No 2. The flight was quite successful with good stabilisation in Horizon Mode, Some more mechanical trimming is necessary but that has nothing to do with iNav. Having motor problem but I think this is again a non iNav issue. Attempted a nav-launch but that was a complete failure the motor just did not react so a glide to the the ground was an end to that. My mate has the same problem so if anyone can help we would love to hear from you. Hopefully some kind person who has it working would post the CLI for nav_fw_launch_…...  Huh
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We have been working on iNav auto launch for some time now and it seems that some of these Omnibus FCs are just not up to it. We have had a few fail slowly and my last one, I eventually got it to auto launch in my Tek Sumo successfully but after a successful flight and landing, the settings for auto launch reversed at the next launch and it would only initiate if I moved the plane backwards. Now I don't carry a computer to the field so how could this happen after it had been flying?

Anyway we ordered a few new Omnibus F3s and I put one in my 450 Quadcopter and it WORKS! I had some very smooth short flights before the battery went flat so I spent the evening setting up RTH, Pos hold and Alt hold. Interested to see how those pan out.

I am suspecting the FC in the Tek Sumo is also faulty as one fault seems to compound other faults and the GPS is giving odd blinks as well. Each time I arm it, the GPS does a countdown with blinks starting at 5. Next time I start it, 4 blinks then 3 blinks etc. It appears to still work though.
I transferred that same GPS to my Quad and it is behaving perfectly on the new FC so I doubt I will trust the old FC again.
Thats it until I fly again today weather permitting.
I am stuck and need help. I have just flashed my Omnibus F3 AIO with iNav 1.8, easy as. When I enter the Configurator and get to the second tab PRESETS I strike a problem after selecting the model, 600mm wing, and  clicking on Apply the next screen ask to save and reboot but unfortunately nothing happens so I cannot select a flying wing. So at the moment it is end of story for this project. I do not know how to report a bug to iNav.
Hello Hank,

Did you do a full chip erase while flashing iNAV, maybe there is something not flashed right.
If you really think it's an issue then you can report it here: https://github.com/iNavFlight/inav/issues
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Or someone else could do it for you so you don't need to create yet another account (and by that i mean i could do it since your description is pretty clear, i'd just copy-paste it).

Did you also check wether the configurator is up to date? On my system chrome sometimes forgets to auto-update... (edit. last time i checked iNav wasn't even on chrome store so maybe you have to update manually anyway).

You could also try an older firmware version (if there is one for that flightcontroller).
Thanks 'Dutch Drone Builder' and fftunes for your reply. I am still stuck. I followed the link from 'Dutch Drone Builder' but got totally lost in Github and its complexities. At this stage I don't know if my issue is with iNav or the configurator, I suspect it is properly with the latter. Thank you fftunes for your offer and it would be appreciated if you posted the problem for me. Here are the statistics for my setup, computer :- iMac, OS is OS10.13 (High Sierra), Flight controller :- Omnibus F3 AIO, Configurator :- [color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]2[/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]017-10-25 @ 10:49:53 -- Running - OS: [/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]MacOS[/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)], Chrome: [/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]61.0.3163.100[/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)], Configurator: [/color][color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.6)]1.8.1, intended use 600mm Flying wing using iNav version 1.8. I hope that is the information you need but I can provide more if [/color]necessary.
I have just found out what the my problem was, yesterday or maybe the day before when I loaded the configurator it was version 1.8.0, rest assured I checked. Today I notice the version of the configurator is version 1.8.1 and guess what it works with the presets so my problem is solved. This points to a very old dilemma; is it the software or the hardware? I have dealt with these problems for the last 3 decades without success.   Thinking
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Good to know that you have solved the problem by yourself and also for the feedback!
In all versions of cleanflight, betaflight and iNav, the development of the configurator is usually behind the actual firmware. Sometimes things can still be adjusted via CLI but in this case (presets) probably not so easy, if at all.

Anyway glad it works Thumbs Up
Thanks guys for the support, I am getting very frustrated with the project and I am thinking of abandoning the Omnibus F3 AIO flight controller. It is the only thing I can change as I can't change the Configurator or the firmware. From my reading on the web I do not seem to be alone in my thinking about the OBF3 controller. I would be happy to hear from others which controller seems to be good. My main purpose at the moment is to control fixed wing aircraft rather than Quadcopters. At the moment I am looking at an AirHERO32 F3 again to be flashed with iNav. Here is the link http://www.multiwiicopter.com/products/a...controller
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