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iNav help line
I completed the rebuild of a quad and fitted it with an Omnibus F3 AIO so I had to test fly it. It was as smooth as the proverbial custard sandwich, absolutely steady in the horizontal plane. So the Tassie devil has been banished back to Tasmania and a purring Puss has taken over.
To say that I am pleased with the result  is an understatement after the problems with the first Omnibus build, I am sure the problems were due to the FC orientation. I hope to get a bit of help with some fine tuning as it drifted slowly to the right, note the conditions were dead calm. The next phase is to get the telemetry working and then comes the GPS bit.

BTW Aaron I noticed the panda beanie at first I thought it was part of the normal look of IT specialists, have a son who looks like that without a beanie  Big Grin
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Sorry to be asking again, but I do need help with telemetry. To define that more clearly I want the telemetry via my Taranis in spoken form. I am a long long way from using OSD, I am a bit old for that. I notice that soft serial ports are available in iNav and that was how telemetry worked on a Flip 32 (old version not an F3) would a similar routine work? I am out of question to  to ask on google.

Thank you for your patience.
Back on line again, I now have telemetry working now. The problem was very elementary, the telemetry lead from the flight controller to the RX was broken. It was the last thing checked when it should have been the first, so easy to be flummoxed by technology when the problem is mechanical. I will be reporting on a GPS install as that is next on the todo list.
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Keep us posted on the GPS install. I connected one a couple days ago and it went seamlessly.
Thanks RENOV8R, I installed my GPS as well onto my Omnibus F3. It too was a seamless install but then I had plenty of practice. The big difference that this time it actually worked the first time!  Big Grin All my other attempts ended in failure   Sad  Another note worth watch out for, a mate with an almost identical build could not get his quad to fly, mine were fitted the OEM SimonK ESCs and his with Turnigy ESC. The problems disappeared when fitted with SimonK ESC so I think they must be the lowest ones that will work. I hope someone will suggest which would the best modern ESCs are suitable for non racing quads.
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Hank has been a true mate helping me through a tough learning curve.
As he mentioned, our F3s were both programmed the same. His flew very well and mine would lift off and shake badly and once I moved the throttle all heck would break loose and the quad would become posessed.
It would take off in some obscure direction, (usually straight at Hanks house)(true) and even reducing throttle or hitting the kill switch did not seem to deter it from its' objective which was to destroy itself. It managed to do that comfortably...
Hank suggested the ESCs, and, as I had some that I had Simonk'd in an earlier Naze life, I decided to try them. (after the replacement arms and other repairs....)
Well, the difference was amazing. I could take off and land again without leaving a trail of worried kangaroos or destruction.
It still had the wiggles so the next step was to replace the motors with 4 that Hank kindly loaned me.
I felt really humble when I had to ring him and tell him that the quad was flying sweetly.

Geez... I thought ESCs were ESCs and brushless motors were brushless motors but it seems NOT.
Now I am waiting for my GPS to arrive so I can move on to the next phase, whatever that might be....
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(27-Jul-2017, 10:42 AM)Grantham Kid Wrote: Geez... I thought ESCs were ESCs and brushless motors were brushless motors but it seems NOT.
Now I am waiting for my GPS to arrive so I can move on to the next phase, whatever that might be....

Could be the escs you tried first didn't have active braking? With today's high looptimes and fast control schemes they probably just keep winding up on the slightest bit of vibrations or errors...

What difference the motors would make i can not really tell. Maybe they were too weak or too heavy to react quick enough?
Certainly the motors were not the most up to date motors but the props were well within their limits. Anyway it doesn't matter now. They will be designated to the toy box and fitted on an innocuous little aeroplane one day.... Still waiting on my GPS.... I ordered some new batteries today so at least I will be ready when the GPS arrives.
I need some help. I am attempting to install an Omnibus F3 programmed with iNav into my CrashTestHobbies WidowMaker. I have flown the wing innumerable times with a gyro but  my interest was aroused when looking at some video showing iNav-launch. I have programmed the FC and all shows OK in iNav. When I power the board  the very first check the servos move as expected but any subsequent movement the servos move only 20% of the first move. I power the FC using a 3A BEC to ensure full voltage. Any help would be appreciated.
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I realised that I had left out some important information yesterday.

1. The board is flashed with iNav 1.7.2
2. I have added the new values suggested in the wiki in the CLI
3. If I enable the Passthrough mode the servos attain full movement
4. I have tested a range of values for nav_fw_bank_angle = xxx but this has not changed the situation

Hope that someone has some suggestions I can try as instructional videos either use iNav 1.6 or 1.5 nothing as yet on 1.7.1.or 1.7.2 and my reading indicates that 1.7.3 is just around the corner.

Many thanks Hank
I flashed the FC with 1.7.1 and now the servos are working BUT stabilisation is not, where to from here?
I know it is mainly a multirotor forum but I had hope to start some sort of discussion on iNav any one there with knowledge or should I forget the forum ?

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