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Im stumped - Noisy Yaw on Gyro.
Hi Guys, I've been working on this issue the past 3 days.

I'm getting tiny twitches on my yaw (especially when hovering) that shows up on my recorded footage on a Hero 4 

I've done the following:
  • Soft mounted the FC with the use of rubber o-rings.
  • Adjusted the notch filter. (attachments show before notch filter was adjusted.)
  • Adjusted PID's
  • Checked my motors for any vibrations.
It seems to be gyro noise from what I can see.  Any idea what else I can try or what im doing wrong.

My Quad:

Frame:  DALRC XR215
FC:  SP Racing F3 6dof  - (MPU 6050)
FIRMWARE:  Betaflight 3.0 - 4khz & 4khz.
ESCS:  DYS XS 30A - Multishot.
MOTORS:  Emax RS2205 2300kv.
PROPS:  HQ Prop 5040x3 Skitzo Edition.

Pids / Filter

Blackbox - Yaw P gain + Gyro. (after adjusting notch filter)  / All Gyros.

Notch Filters (before change)

Roll / Pitch / Yaw

Much Appreciated, Venom.
You did not mention your power train. Did you mount low-esr capacitors on escs or pdb? If not, could be electrical noise.

But the roll noise (before notch) is also pretty strong. Does it look ok after the filter?
when you mount your FC do the screws go in easy? or do they rub against the mounting holes of the board? if they are to tight then that would make the O rings useless. if that's the case then drill or make the holes a little bigger so it sits freely on the screws.
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Could that be your camera mounting?
One time I was troubleshooting my tuning, because I got this vibration in my footage, many days later I realized it was my sloppy gopro camera mount!
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(14-Jan-2017, 08:43 AM)Oscar Wrote: many days later I realized it was my sloppy gopro camera mount!

this is human nature expecting the worst! My sister in law just spent about $150 on diagnosing a blown fuse in her car!