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I need help with some oscillations
Hello guys. I just built my quad and I have some oscillation on yaw. The gyro isn't detecting any noise or anything but the yaw P goes bananas.

Should I just reduce yaw P? Can you help?

BB log:


Workspace I used to see what's up:


Cli dump:


Thank you all
Your yaw P term does seem to be a bit strong. It won't harm to try reducing it to 50 from the current 70 and seeing what difference that makes.

What does your quad look like?
Alright, thanks, I will try that.

And I forgot to post my setup

Frame: geprc zx5 (195mm X)
Fc: BFF3
ESC: Hobbywing 30a blheli-s
Motor: rs2205s 2300 kv
Prop: kingkong 5045 3-blade
Battery: 1300 75c 4s tattu
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Ah, the ZX5!

I remember building mine. It was an insanely tight build and I'm still not happy with the fact that I ended up having to put the RX and VTX on top of the camera pod.

It's a absolute nutter with 4S and 5045 bullnose props though. Extremely quick and really agile.
It is indeed crazy tight

This is mine. I'm putting ws2812 leds on it right now
It did look like this, though Big Grin

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That makes me feel much better! Smile

What I'll probably do is swap out the VTX for one of the micro sized ones from Banggood. I reckon there's just about room for one inside the camera pod.
I use 5mm longer vertical spacers, makes the whole build much simpler Wink
yep lower yaw p it sounds a bit high.
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