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How to turn your QAV-R into a sreatched X

a few weeks ago i crashed one of my QAV-Rs and cracked both the top and bottom plates of the frame. a buddy of mine had mentioned that if i were to turn the frame side ways it would be a stretched x, so i decided what the hell. would be a nice experiment. so here's the build log.

so let's start with the parts list.

these are the parts from the qav-r frame. as you can see i used two bottom braces, the arms, and the mounting hardware.

addition parts consist of a 3D printed camera mount, 20mm stand offs, and 25mm screws. which are parts from a Pyro Drone HyperLite kit. Pyro Drone does sell these parts individually on they're website. but i'm lucky enough to live only 20 minutes away from them.  Big Grin

to assemble the lower part of the frame i used the 2 x braces to sandwich the arms, and a 25mm screw in the mounting hole for the pdb, and fc.

so this is what the lower part of the frame looks like once i was done.

next i stacked my pdb on 

mounted my motors and escs which i already had soldered together.

soldered my escs to the pdb

coffee break. Thumbs Up
then install the FC

so now that i have the FC installed it's time for the RX and fpv stuff. which i forgot to snap a picture of.

but here are some pictures of the finished quad.

300g without the lipo 

side by side with my qav-r

side by side with a Pyro Drone Hyperlite SS. as you can see the motor positions are stretched further than hyperlite from front to back. but at the same time the front and rear motors are closer together making it more narrow, which i think will make it faster on the roll axis. but since it's raining cats and dogs at the time i finished this build we're going to have to wait to test that theory. but i did hover in my living room and it feels great. so stay tuned for some flight video.
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sorry i forgot to mention the HyperLite top plate, and also the nylon stand off that go between the pdb and FC.
Cannot wait to hear what difference there is in terms of flight characteristics between these 2 configurations!
please keep us updated! Big Grin
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